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Offer hotel in Playa de las Americas


Yomely Towers HotelYomely Towers Hotel offers the opportunity to stay in their rooms for the modest price of 25 euros per night for two people until October 10. In addition, the offer is extended to a third party for a fee of only 6 euros. Playa de las Americas is one of the top tourist destinations and nice to spend a few days of rest and peace of mind. Therefore, the towers Yomely is a ideal location to enjoy the beaches and, now, more affordable than ever.

How to Book: To reserve your room, you can go to the tab of the Hotel Tower Yomely our website and click on the link Make a reservation at the hotel. This link will take you to the hotel website, where you make your reservation writing an email to, or telephoning any of the following numbers: 922790534/922793960, adding that a member of Ulysses.

Recommended: Water sports can be practiced on these shores, such as surfing, diving or boating. The numerous entertainment venues, including nightclubs, pubs, bars and terraces.

Yomely Towers Hotel: Located in Playa de las Americas, one of the beaches of Tenerife by the European Union decorated with the Blue Flag for the quality of the water and sand. In addition to this idyllic corner from the Towers Yomely you go to other places worth visiting, such as the Natural Park of Teide, more than 3,700 meters.

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