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Ice hotels, stays below freezing


Ice hotelsIf you’re not afraid of low winter temperatures and, furthermore, you are more courageous than anyone dare to spend a few days in an ice hotel. But hurry, they melt in spring!

Are unique, stunning, original, friendly, … but very expensive! Spend a night there may cost about 250 euros (360 dollars). There are very few scattered around the world and perhaps that is the reason for their success.

The Ice Hotel in Canada (Montmorency, Quebec, just minutes from the capital city), opened in 2000 and is the only ice hotel in North America. It offers a total of 32 rooms and themed suites equipped with ice-carved furniture and a comfortable bed with sheets of tissue polar and deerskin. Its majestic hall is dominated by a chandelier of ice lit by fiber optics. The hotel has a range of services and amenities including Nordic-style spa, saunas and a cinema.
ice hotels

The Icehotel in Sweden in JukkasjÀrvi, Lapland near the Arctic Circle. The hotel offers 56 ‘hot’ all year and 60 rooms “cold” only available from December to April. Guests sleep in rooms “cold” may not carry their luggage as this freeze. The bags are stored in a hotel room. From 10 AM to 6 PM the Icehotel is a museum open to the public, but after 6 it only has access to those going to spend the night.

Kirkenes Snow Hotel in Norway (on the border with Russia), which opened in 2006. This is a beautiful work of architecture through the ice in Arctic nature. Located within a reindeer park and offers a total of 10 suites carved into ice. To be able to withstand low temperatures, will provide guests with sleeping bags, wool socks and hat. The hotel has a restaurant and a breakfast room.

And the Hotel Igloo Great Valira in Andorra, is the only facility of ice in southern Europe. Located at 2,300 meters and is made entirely of snow and ice. The hotel has a restaurant, tea room, terrace and jacuzzi. It is an intimate hotel with a capacity of only 26 people. Standard Igloo has two, four Romantic Igloos, two and a Romantic Igloo Plus plus Jacuzzi.

There is also the possibility of spending the night in an igloo variant: the Queenzy (French Quinzy) in the region of Quebec. Or stay at the luxurious Igloo drof of the Swiss Alps, offering every comfort for visitors gourmets.

This is just a small list, there is more ice hotels around the planet.

Besides being original, these buildings are considered great works of architecture. They are built in layers and layers of blocks of ice and snow are kept at an average temperature of -4 degrees Celsius.

As you can guess, stay in hotels ice is a new way to spend your vacation. Absolutely everything you can think of is ice, cups, plates, tables, chairs, sofas, columns, lamps, beds … And is that these accommodations seem to have been designed only for adventure and daring do not mind sleeping with body wrapped in a blanket on a bed of ice. If you are a fearless person (including hands) and you dare to build an igloo, then you have a video with a “Howto” how to mount a small ice hotel.

Obviously, these ice hotels are ephemeral: between January and March each year (northern hemisphere) melt and have to wait for falling snowflakes early next winter to rebuild.

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