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The ignored Bosnia and Herzegovina


Landscape of BosniaAll the world remembers the last years of last century when it came the war that destroyed Yugoslavia. Since the conflict in the Balkans today, 10 years later, new states have appeared, where you can see different realities, worlds that travel at different speeds .

Bosnia know today may be one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences for any traveler. Living the evolution of a country that was destroyed by war and meet its people, may be stored forever in our travel logs.

Landscape of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina is considered the beggar continent. The real war at its most cruel and primitive, was fought in the cities and towns in Bosnia.

The physiognomy of the cities changed addresses disappeared, evaporated map people and people wandering in the middle of nowhere, looking for their relatives in a dark world, a typical film of World War II.

Bosnia unknown, ignored.
Bosnia today is a land full of contrasts and contradictions, semi-collapsed buildings, upscale restaurants, cars and houses last model unique clothing, live between the eyes trying to regain the brightness of the smile without losing honesty.

Country tourists has not yet been exploited, so the prices are really affordable and this makes it the perfect time to visit.

Mostar Bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo is one of the least touted destinations in Eastern Europe. The endless wars that spanned from April 1992 to March 1996, when he was almost completely destroyed, have your name on the map is ignored by many, if not acquired connotations of terror.

Today the city has already exceeded the conflict and begin to show the first changes its resurgence. For those who like to see this growth, Sarajevo is a great city, beautiful and before long will be fully recovered and will be part of the tour of major European cities.

One of their resorts is the Turkish quarter, Bascarsija, with its narrow streets thick with shops and cafes, where you can buy whatever you can imagine.

Sarajevo can be very attractive in certain sectors of tourism, especially in the photography lovers, for whom the contrast between the near-collapse and revival, blackened by his eccentric sunsets can be a unique moment.

People in the capital of Bosnia Herzegovina is cute, smart and the city lives in constant commotion. If the visit be sure to appreciate the fantastic sunsets and mosques. Staying is not expensive, 42 euros you can have a double room, bathroom, TV and cleaning.

If you rent a car in Bosnia keep in mind that the utmost respect speed restrictions and speed cameras are everywhere.

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