Councils and Documentation Requirements for Travel to Turkey

Councils and Documentation Requirements for Travel to TurkeyIf Turkey is our next travel, we must consider some recommendations because since January 2014 has to apply for a visa electronically. Having to carry out this procedure citizens around the world.

Obtain visas.

To arrange a visa will have to enter the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey and complete our data. In the first step of the process, we ask our country of birth, passport number and expiry date thereof, then the system will indicate whether or not other required documents. Same as we can load at the interface.

In Turkey the entry of personal effects including a camera, camcorder, two hundred cigarettes and a maximum of fifty cigars are supported.

If we travel with a pet (only dogs and cats are allowed) must always have your health and vaccination -of no more than 15 days- certificates together with our passport. In addition, the certificate of origin of the animal.

Importantly, to leave the country may request a refund of VAT on purchases made (including meals and drinks). To do that, make purchases in authorized stores and ask for original invoices and check tax-free purchase. It is allowed to buy and remove the country. new carpets provided they have their certificate of purchase.


There are no compulsory vaccinations for travel to Turkey, however, are recommended vaccinations against typhoid, influenza, hepatitis and tetanus.

If we travel to Turkey between the months of May to October and southern parts of the country, you should also put us vaccine against malaria.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain warns that Turkey is a safe destination for tourists and the Turkish Police security guarantees, except for the southeast of the country. So it is advisable not mobilize for those areas or, in the best case, always hire guide services in travel agencies.