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Spa Travel TourismPuyehue hot springs
Puyehue hot springs are now a spa and thermal center of unusual dimensions, with over 130 rooms that overlook a lake, windows overlooking the forest and even the volcano of which the water warm. You can swim in the pools of the site, both within and outside the hotel-spa, and receive aromatherapy and relaxing music.

As we told you before, these natural environments complemented its offer with the usual practice in this area sports: fishing, boating, hiking, biking and more. And if you still have wanted to do sports, if you go in winter you can ski as it enables a ski slope near the spot.

Health and relaxation in Maldives
This island is the Soneva Fushi hotel, which offers a dream. The site designed especially for relaxation and privacy, is organized by small rustic houses located on the coast of the island, white sand and perfect weather. What makes this site more remarkable is that each cabin has a secluded beach for travelers to rest there. Undoubtedly a rare treat.

Health and relaxation in Maldives
France offers some unique and luxurious for lovers of exquisite treatments: Les Sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux, is a center-spa different from everyone. It is the first to offer a treatment called “wine therapy”: a mud bath, or mud-scented grape. Imagine diving into a large barrel with the best European wine, mixed with hot springs and special oils to improve skin elasticity. No doubt many would come out drunk with pleasure from this treatment.

Hershey Hotel Spa
Spa Hotel Hershey, Pennsylvania in the region, offers the best you can imagine a fan of chocolate more chocolate! This luxury hotel, a visitor enjoys miraculous treatments as a session of aromatherapy candles and scents of cocoa “seasoned” with vanilla and cinnamon. Then the “crematerapia” where you cover them with creams derived from the seed from which comes the chocolate and if I was missing something sweeter, add some honey while your skin and relax muscles are stretched.

Aguascalientes, very hot
In Aguascalientes, Mexico, the hot springs are old. It seems that the whole state is painted by these waters are found in several municipalities. Some of his most important resorts are Charco Azul, Borunda, Rancho Puente, Seats and Pichardo with hot springs, sulfur, minerals or just drinking. In Calvillo, city and county seat south of Aguascalientes can also visit the hot springs. The last resort is located near the border with the state of Zacatecas and is medicinal hot springs. Finally La Cantera, a 6 km. east of the city of Aguascalientes is a sulphurous thermal water of 36 to 38 degrees Celsius.

Hungary and the Gellért Baths
In Budapest, Hungarian capital, the Gellért Baths are already famous from the beginning of the century. This large building on the Danube was built in 1918. Today it is home to the Gellért Hotel and Spa, a place where you can choose between terminals 123 and 400 sources of mineral water. The Baths are a wonder in itself, are covered with ceramic tiles, Columba ornate, stained glass, hanging plants and fine marble statues.

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