Cheap Countries to travel this 2014

Cheap Countries to travel this 2014Although the cost of a trip is relative ( as many people can go to the same destination and spending quite different amounts) , there are countries where you can find hotel , tourism and gastronomic offers , in all price and so we should include in our list of travel for this 2014.

Destination to travel this 2014 :

Brazil . This South American country has options for all budgets , and some of his most tourist cities , where living spaces are very cheap deals with other extremely expensive , within the same space . For example , in Rio de Janeiro , we can be half a block from Atlantic Avenue ( main street extending along its beaches such as Copacabana and Ipanema) and get to eat a pie cheesecake juice for euro and , next , to have a restaurant where we can eat a la carte dish , drink and dessert for 40 euros per person.

Peru . Other South American country that we include in the list, and here to find other lodging and places to eat for every budget ; find tourism services from the lowest prices.

Morocco. This destination has a number of markets where you can buy all kinds of products from food to jewelry as accequibles prices. It also has many points of accommodation for travelers and adventurous backpackers famous .

Mexico . While destinations like Riviera Maya and Isla Mujeres , it is not feasible to find lodging or cheap restaurants in Mexico can visit the City and from there to mobilize other cities in this country . Addition, although that may discourage us to visit Mexico City, it is important to indicate that Mexico City has a bad reputation for its high level of drug trafficking, but , if we mobilize the tourist areas , we have no problems.