Top Tourist Destination For Eurobarometer

Top Tourist Destination For EurobarometerFrom the survey data further shows that in 2013 , 38 % of Europeans spent their holiday in another EU country , which is 5% more than in 2012.

Thus , only 42 % of EU citizens remained in their own country, down 5% compared to 2012 , while only one-fifth ( 19% ) held its summer period was twenty-eight countries EU , down 2% .

Another project data in the study is that in 2013 , 70 % of Europeans traveled for personal reasons or professional for at least a day.

Regarding the outlook for 2014, only 11 % of Europeans plan to spend their holidays in their own country as a result of the current economic climate . In addition 24% of citizens planning to travel to a fierce EU country, but only 16% will spend your holidays outside the European community.

Curiously , respondents in Greece, Croatia , Italy and Bulgaria are the most likely to spend their holidays in their own country , while Luxembourg and Belgium prefer to travel to other EU countries .

The Eurobarometer survey on tourist preferences of Europeans also explores the motivations and obstacles to travel, the main destinations , sources of information used for planning of holidays , your satisfaction with the sector and the level of safety experienced in the accommodation and services.

The vice president of the European Commission and Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, Antonio Tajani , said that ” as European Commissioner in charge of tourism , can not hide my excitement . Attitudes of Europeans towards tourism published today are a sign of a reliable and outstanding performance of the tourism sector , which remains strong economic engine for the recovery of the EU ” while adding that the figures” speak for themselves such “and that the opinions expressed in the survey are expected to reflect how ” performance ” and ” resistant ” industry will continue in 2014.