Basic Tips for Traveling to Rocha

Basic Tips for Traveling to RochaYou’ve certainly chosen a great place for your holiday : Rocha , Uruguay . But first of all, ask yourself the best date for your trip . Come summer you know that thousands of tourists looking to spend their days on the best beaches in Latin America , so Uruguayans, Argentines, Brazilians, mostly attending Rocha. If you come from abroad you can avoid the busiest season for vacationers, as the first fifteen days of January. So you can plan out in December, where the spa is very sparsely populated or February , that while the spa has services funionando in full, there are fewer tourists in January and delays in flights and transport will be lower.

Spas with less touristed .

Note take effect, if you need , a passport or visa to enter the country . In addition , own copy of all documents, and so avoid problems in case of losses . Some foreign tourists prefer destinations further away from the busy resorts such as Punta del Este, and the best is that there are options of incomparable beauty as La Pedrera , Cabo Polonio or Dove . Furthermore, the advantage is that some of these destinations can visit if you want to take the main roads of the nation , as they are separated by a few kilometers.

Clothing for high temperatures.

The best clothing to wear the light will therefore be aware that in the months of higher temperatures can be under a blazing sun 40 ° C. Will also need to bring hat and protection for your eyes and skin. Authorities warn tourists prefer to avoid the sun from 11 am to 16 pm . You also have to wear comfortable shoes , because the resorts , nature reserves , beaches , require some long walks, which will be necessary for you to be in good physical condition and bring you good hydration .

Currency and luggage.

It is advisable to arrive at Rocha ask for maps and brochures of the place , as they will be of great use to locate the most representative places , points where you can change money , hospitals and other authorities in the region . Regarding the change of money, will be relatively easy changes Uruguayan pesos to dollars , however , some hotels and restaurants will welcome you without inconvenience this coin . Be sure to wear boots that have European type plugs , which are handled in Uruguay , AC 220 V. Do not forget , in your luggage, bring a coat because at night might make a little more fresh. Note also that the water is potable and most beaches have no pollution.

Birdwatching .

If you hike , backpack ensures that you upload has no more than 15 kilos weight, and the weight is distributed in a uniform manner so that you avoid back pain later or lose your balance while walking . If you intend to make bird watching, do not forget your photo camera or camcorder. Remember , finally, that you should be wearing boots and clothes that allow blend in with the rest of nature, so it is more likely that birds can be close without feeling intimidated . There are an infinite number of walks which you can access either search break, beaches and good restaurants, or you’re looking for an ecotourism destination, away from the noise and even going several days without electricity , enjoying a little step back in time. If you’ve chosen to go to Rocha in Uruguay , you made a good choice and you will be amazed just get there.