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A Shared Adventure is Twice Adventure


A Shared Adventure is Twice AdventureThis is the slogan that GORE -TEX Experience Tour uses in one of his proposals designed for sporty and adventurous. If we look a little GORE -TEX , we have a clear example of diversification in the business model . The brand is still a world leader in footwear and clothing material for high-level sports , without losing its essence , extends its view to the creation of travel and adventure sports .

In recent times , the business models of many companies are changing and this is forcing them to dive in search and in designing innovative products that help them keep the flame with their regulars , but they also open the doors of the future . So many initiatives recently observed large sports brands trips conducted in first class tourist destinations . But with one notable difference , it is because of experiences which mostly are not managed , not even designed by traditional travel agencies.

Some of the most powerful brands in adventure – sports segment have found the correct key and use the personal component as a differentiator and a maximum appeal and claim for the customer. And how do ? For making use of their best experts and making available a few the best and unique experiences , lived with them, with the best. This is what makes today talk about different experiences, real , at the highest level .

A clear example brings us Oxygen magazine , which collaborate on one of the Experience Tour with GORE -TEX BESTARD , Majorcan footwear brand have created a tourism product , unique, different , and new , ” Factories your own boots ” Mallorca and trekking with them around the island. The adventure and sports tourism is aimed at a particular market segment

The Benasque Valley , in the Aragonese Pyrenees , was also one of the places chosen to design one of the experiences of GORE -TEX . In this case, we chose a leader in the national and international mountaineering as Edurne , who along with 6 other women selected Aneto made ​​the ascent , thus enjoying a great experience in one of our mountain destinations par excellence. These are examples of unique experiential tourism , nothing to do and far away from mass tourism .

These experiences can live the very few and that to participate , candidates must explain their motivation for joining the project . Voting is done through Facebook and the elect are evaluated by a panel of outdoor experts . Those selected will enjoy the experience and share these moments with the best professionals in each field. Besides, after you are invited to communicate their experiences through a blog and all social networks .

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