Tourism Kaunas Another Pearl of Lithuania

Tourism Kaunas Another Pearl of LithuaniaLithuania is a wonderful country. Vilnius is the capital but the second largest city of the country is Kaunas. Historically known Kaunas has been for centuries the economic and cultural center of the country and in many periods, except the current one, was the largest city.

An old legend says that Kaunas was founded by a Roman and three children who for various reasons left behind Rome. Dead father three sons divided his domains and one of them, Kuna, stayed with the land now occupied Kaunas. His strength grew Around the city in the following centuries. Truth or legend, the founding of Kaunas became more specifically around the tenth century For the thirteenth century had huge walls to protect from invasion of the Teutonic Knights, with castle included, although little helped them in the fourteenth century.

Kaunas’s story is long and hectic as part of all the events that rocked Lithuania, the Grand Duchy, the Poles, the Russians, the Soviets, the Nazis. Became independent again in 1990, rebellion by, and for the past 20 years was much improved transport infrastructure is Kaunas today connected to the rest of Europe.

What are the tourist attractions in Kaunas? For without doubt the historical is great. It is located east of the confluence of the Nemunas and Neris rivers. The newest part nineteenth century. It follows the XIV century Kaunas Castle, several baroque churches, Gothic and neo-Byzantine. War memorials, botanical gardens, synagogues, town hall on the main square, the mosque, the two funiculars and a large group of museums: aviation, war, art, history.