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Walking the Archipelago of Helsinki in Autumn


Walking the Archipelago of Helsinki in AutumnA good destination for averaging the fall, before the winter starts here is raw, is Finland. Although the language is complicated, the Finns speak English so you can communicate without problems if you master this other language.

You may not have time to visit the beautiful geography of this country and you just stay for Helsinki, but do not worry, this area also offers good tourist activities. For example, you can take a boat ride through the archipelago of Helsinki. This archipelago consists of about 330 islands and there are ships, boats and ferries that run. Among the handful of tourist islands is Pihlajasaari.

The inhabitants of the capital of Finland often spend the summer on the island as it has beaches of sand and pebbles are a delight. To go back and forth on the day it is the ultimate destination is an island well equipped to receive visitors. Another interesting island is Kaunissaari that your location has spectacular panoramic views as it is farther from the city, almost at sea, and the ferry takes 40 minutes to arrive.

Kaunissaari has huge beaches and good fishing in its waters. Also Vartiosaari Island, the fate of the Finnish bourgeoisie throughout the year. Seurasaari is an island much closer to Helsinki. So much so that you can walk. And it is worth knowing because it has a outdoor museum of life, traditions and folklore of Finland. As you see, there are a handful of activities to do near Helsinki.

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