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Best Destinations in the World for Retirement


Best Destinations in the World for RetirementMany people harbor the dream of a perfect retreat, leave everything behind and change your urban apartment for a house in a wonderful site that allows you to enjoy your day in a unique setting. That dream is not as far and is shared by many people, which is why the Live and Invest Overseas company made ​​a ranking of countries, cities and towns ideal to fulfill this desire, are the best destinations in the world for retirement.

So if you plan a retirement pure relaxation and enjoyment, this will be your header ranking, that will tell you where to go.

To develop this list, which include cities, villages and islands, have taken into account some important factors for those who will retire as climate, cost of living, health and safety services.

In some of these destinations can live cheaply, so that your pension will allow you to live comfortably here if you dare to move there, since some of them are distant. Prominent among the cheapest destinations for retirement Cuenca in Ecuador, Granada, in Nicaragua; Hoi An in Vietnam and Chiang Mai in Thailand.

If instead you’re looking for towns where emphasizing their rich culture and history are, according to the company, Languedoc, in France, Abruzzo, in Italy and Istria in Croatia.

If your retirement dream includes a waterfront house, for then the best coastal retirement destinations are Costa de Oro, Uruguay, Hua Hin, Thailand, Cebu, Philippines, and Hoi An, Vietnam. Finally, the favorite places for retirees are Puerto Vallarta in Mexico; Ambergris Caye in Belize and the beaches of Panama City. Beach, mountains. the field, a small town with lots of history, or close to major tourist centers, what are you looking for from your ideal destination for retirement?

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