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Salamanca Exploring the Most Popular Destination For Hiking


Salamanca Exploring the Most Popular Destination For HikingIf we visit Salamanca and are fond of outdoor sports, we can take advantage of this trip to explore the most popular destinations of this city for hiking.

From Salamanca to Los Montalvos: it is a journey with a length of 23.07 kilometers, starting from Salamanca to reach Astorga. Suitable for walkers, cyclists and families with children. The length of the route reaches 4 hours (round trip).

Santiago-Salamanca-Zamora-AGudiña-5th Tranche (Silver Route): suitable for walkers with extensive experience and resilience. The extension of the road reaches 297.32 kilometers, with slopes unstable and complex. Are recommended personal equipment and calculate approximate 10 hours.

Walk around Salamanca: This is a simple and basic tour of the main attractions of Salamanca (including Mageljara), with a route that reaches 28.77 kilometers. Due to its length, is recommended for bikers, travelers, backpackers, hikers and families with children. Duration: 4 hours.

Salamanca between bridges: with a length of 13.21 kilometers, this is a nice tour of the most picturesque bridges Salamanca. Suitable for walkers, cyclists, travelers, backpackers, and families with children. With a duration of 3 hours and moderate slopes.

Marin to return by Villamayor Helmantico: discover the recreational spaces and charming Salamanca on a route that includes a length of 21.63 kilometers, with a moderate level suitable for experienced walkers, and a duration of 5 hours.

Back by the Tormes: A basic tour of the Tormes Salamanca, ideal for tourists, cyclists, hikers, and families with children. The road includes a length of 7.2 kilometers, with a drop of 200 meters and is available at any time of year: summer, fall, winter, and spring.

From Brick Bridge Cabrerizos Montes: This is a very inspiring journey for several of the attractions of Salamanca, starting from the brick bridge to reach Cabrerizos Mountains (round trip). The run length reaches 8.23 ​​miles, ideal for walkers, tourists, backpackers, cyclists, and families with children. Journey arrives 4 hours.

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