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Tips for Driving on Long Journeys


Tips for Driving on Long JourneysOnce satisfied that the vehicle is in good condition, that the luggage is in place and they all have seat belts, it’s time to leave. Even with the illusion of the holiday we hope, long journeys can be stressful and exasperating at times. The following tips will assist Chevrolet to reach the destination safely and less tired.

Staying rested at the wheel.

The goal is to reach a long journey safely and in good spirits. Ensuring that the speed is not the main concern. Long trips require frequent stops to rest. Fatigue affects concentration, slows reflexes and decision-making, increasing the danger of having an accident.

It is important to pay attention to the emergence of feelings of malaise, aches for a title any imagenmusculares in the neck, arms and shoulders, or blurred vision. The signs that the body sends to warn that needs a break. Increase the volume of music, drink beverages containing caffeine or stopping to take a short ride are short-term relief, but do not eliminate fatigue. When you start to feel sleepy, better someone else drive or stop to take a nap.

Taking care of the passengers.

Passengers, especially children, are often more prone to motion sickness. There seasickness medication sold without a prescription, and most should be taken before starting the journey. Consult your doctor before giving your child any new medicine. Dizziness and nausea may submit temporarily opening the window or exiting the vehicle to take the air. Tell your child to look out the window, rather than stare at objects inside the vehicle.

Eating at the wheel.

Bring a well-stocked fridge healthy snack (fresh fruits, nuts, granola bars, crackers, etc..), Plus lots of water. These provisions may come in handy, especially if we are in a jam and you have to stay in the car in the heat for a long period.

Avoid heavy meals during the trip because, while sitting long hours, hard to digest foods can cause lethargy and exhaustion.

Traveling with children.

Both long and over short distances, it is important that children are buckled up and will not take it, well, depending on their age, will have to use a travel chair or booster.

On hot sunny days, give shadow to children: car windows solar heat increase, which increases the risk of heat stroke and burns. Place sunshades on the windows and keep children with fresh clothing, cold drinks and air conditioning.

Kids bored and cranky are hazards inside the vehicle as they may distract the driver’s attention. Avoid tantrums and boredom with games for the car and make all regular stops to stretch their legs and burn off some energy.

With this preparation, your holiday will start at the very beginning of the trip, you will not have to wait to get to your destination.

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