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Tips for Traveling With Children


Tips for Traveling With ChildrenWhy travel with kids? Since we can think mamasviajeras hundreds of responses. Traveling is a way to learn, to educate. Get used to the changes. Know, experience. Children become more flexible and fun and are passionate about new things.

A parent’s first trip gives us a little dizzy. But in the destination you discover that things are not as complicated as I thought. Yes, let’s face it: traveling with them means giving up many things: no schedule dinners, the days of great hiking seeing everything, improvisation … The spirit of adventure must give way to the correct choice of destination, the organization and especially , patience.

If the attitude is positive until the problems can be opportunities for fun! Here are some tips to make your trip a success.

BRING TOYS. Fundamental when we go to the small house: have them entertained. Make the trip a fun in itself. Bring items that get the child comfortable: his favorite toy, a story, a bottle of water, cutouts … A proven foolproof trick: buy a new toy for the trip, anything goes, the novelty factor will keep them focused a good time.

CRIBS IN PLANE FLIGHTS. If you fly with a baby a good option is to request a cot in the plane which is usually placed in the front rows of seats. You have to book in advance and pay for it sometimes but offset a transatlantic flight.

EMERGENCY KIT: FOOD AND CLOTHING REPLACEMENT. Children are a “contingency supplier”. If something can happen will happen, believe me. That will not fall against yogurt, suddenly hungry or thirsty and do not be anywhere near where to buy … is convenient to carry with you a bag packed spare clothes and some food and drink.

Pushchairs FREE AT THE AIRPORT. The Madrid-Barajas airport has since November last month with a new free service for baby car seats. The dispensers are located on boarding areas of terminals T1-T2 and T4. You take one, use it and give it back before boarding, as easy as that.

AVOID PAIN EAR. It is uncommon for small ears suffer from the change in pressure at takeoff and landing. If it’s a baby bottle should give to salivate. If greater, a candy or something to suck lessen the risk.

TRAVEL BY CAR. If you’re traveling by car trying to implement the hours of nap to go asleep as long as possible. Before preparing a few games out to make way more fun and avoid the famous phrase “when we got Mom”: Word Association, songs, invent stories, guess enrollments.

Your children may not remember the Cathedral and the name of the beach. But what no one is going to take what they have experienced, and that will forge their character. Maybe someday return to all these places to remember what made them feel happy when they were little.

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