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5 Tips to Disconnect from Work on Vacation


5 Tips to Disconnect from Work on VacationPrior to starting our long-awaited vacation, we have to be clear about the issues that remain outstanding. That is why we communicate internally to whom the state of our work, possible issues that may arise in our absence and different ways to react to unforeseen events. All employees of the organization should follow these criteria for good management.

From what we have prepared 5 tips to fully enjoy our well-deserved rest:

1. – A useful idea is to keep a backup of all your files, in case there is a computer problem during our absence.

2. – Notify our customers, suppliers, coworkers, etc., our absence on holiday, indicating who should be addressed (telephone, fax, email, etc.).

3. – If we have a fellow delegate issues, we must explain in detail which aspects are important, what does not and how we should proceed in the different sections exposed.

4. – Once we closed the computer and start our vacation, we get away completely from our usual work duties. To do so, we must work off cell, work emails and also disconnect labor information we have in mind, we must stop “at rest” during the days off.

5. – The last day of work should be relaxed and all points must be organized and planned.

Following all these tips, get to remember our vacation as a period of rest as we can make every minute as it deserves. If we go by the dynamics of working continue taking calls, through the office a few days to see how things are going and leading the laptop to read emails, not only will not disconnect from work but, what is much more important , back to work with the strange and insane feeling I never left.

A holiday period should be a period of internal regeneration of charging batteries and return with renewed the daily work. If you disconnect from the daily routine, we can not rest properly. To our mind is very important to have periods of rest which give different things, meet new places, to enjoy our family and friends without the pressure of everyday life.

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