5 Tips for Happy Summer Holidays

5 Tips for Happy Summer HolidaysWe offer some tips for you to have a happy holiday, but most of the time the details we do plan to travel in the last moments. We’re going to score some recommendations for your days off and rest are those who dreamed.

Write on a sheet of paper a list that includes the number of vacation days available and the type of clothes you’ll wear: bathing suits, jeans, sweaters, shirts, shorts, etc.. Only this, since the holiday break and do not involve carrying heavy bags.

Condition the car.

If you plan to travel in your car you should make sure that your car is in perfect condition and for this you need to take it to your mechanic and so you avoid mishaps during the trip. Your spare tire must be ready and in good condition. Do not forget to keep up with the insurance payment. Check the battery and electrical systems, brakes, radiator and water, address, etc.. Remember to you should be more important to safety than fun.


It is common for hotels vacation time left without accommodation rooms. For this reason I suggest that when you go to make your booking travel in advance, however you will have to sleep in your car or on the beach with the inconvenience this entails ..

Preparing the kit.

Regardless of the type of transportation you choose, it is important to make a space in your suitcase for a small kit that includes the following: headache pills, bandages, iodine, hydrogen peroxide and ointment for mosquito bites and anti-acid the stomach. But if you’re allergic should include clorotrimetron. Diabetics add their usual medications.

The budget.

According to statistics made us few people that half of the trip is out of money, therefore make a budget of what you plan to spend on your vacation and estimates the money to spend per day including food, lodging and souvenirs.

Avoid alcohol.

The word vacation does not mean give rise to excesses such as driving while intoxicated with alcohol, if for some reason you decide to ingest liquor, you must have a designated driver who drives and refrain from any liquor suck. You should not swim or on the beach, lakes and pools when you’re under the influence of alcohol to avoid unfortunate accidents that threaten your life. Remember your family is waiting.

Do not know your destination?

When you go to travel to a destination that you do not know it is important to investigate in time where you can eat, what activities you can do in the place where you can have fun. This way you do not go to stay in the hotel during the holidays not knowing what you can do.

On the internet you can find seasonal deals, as some hotels often make special offers only online like airlines. Do not leave to the last minute and start searching with time, sure you find one that is to your liking.

Make a budget and estimated expenditure Fasten. Do not pass the stop pre-set in place, only spend what daily spending budgeted for food and accommodation. By following these tips you’ll always know how much you’ve spent and how much you have available for souvenir shopping and walks.