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Tips for women travelers


women travelersGoing on vacation with the backpack can be very easy for men: a pair of pants, sweatshirts, underwear, coat, socks and go. Well, things are not so easy when a woman must decide what to bring and what not.

We know the extra baggage is our weakness. But the backpack is not sensible so here are some tips for women travelers:

You take half the clothes and focus on the essentials.

You should wear clothes that can be used several times (not once or twice only), practical and versatile clothing.

If it is essential that you bring a hair dryer then look for one that does not require external power adapter is dual voltage and a single switch. The idea is to save space.

If you have long hair then take a small towel just for him. It will allow you to wash your hair and dry when you bathe without wetting the towel bigger.

Place bags with scents and perfumes in your suitcase or backpack for your clothes always smell clean and appears to be fresh.

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