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A guide for a fun-filled and safe travel to Cancun, Mexico


For travelers in Cancun Mexico safety is very important. Here are some things you need to learn about how you can be safe when you travel to Cancun, Mexico.

First of all, you must be aware of possible health problems. It’s a tropical city and that means the weather there could be hot and humid which is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes when moving farther from the shore. When you get to go to areas that have mosquitoes, make sure you lather yourself with mosquito repellent lotions.  Diarrhea is another health problem faced by travelers and that could probably be due to the food and water they consume that may not be well treated, depending on where they are taken from, and also could be because you are not yet used to the kind of diet they offer.

Second, bring your medication along. You wouldn’t want to be stranded in a county where you can’t find the same brand of medication that you already have and especially if you don’t have a prescription. Bring your medicine and a prescription with the generic names so when they check you won’t be suspected for carrying illegal drugs and you’ll use the prescription when necessary to make a purchase.

Third, make sure you know the places in Cancun, Mexico that are considered very safe.  Avoid traveling alone or going to dark alleys especially if you’re a woman and make sure you keep yourself well protected and not too complacent that the place is safe. Remember, no matter how safe the place is there are still people who could be tempted to do something illegal when faced with temptation.

Cancun Mexico Safety officials are keeping a watchful eye on places that are usually frequented by locals and travelers alike such as the beach, shopping malls, hotels and such which is why venturing into these areas are relatively safe.

Lastly, when you are going to the beach make sure that you check if the water is safe for the water sport you have in mind.  Check for the word danger or a red flag that safeguards post. If these signs are on then the water is off limits.

Cancun, Mexico is indeed a wonderful place to visit not just because of their beautiful beaches but also with their ancient ruins and marine wildlife that will surely make this vacation one that you won’t forget.

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