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Where to Stay for Brazil 2014


Even though Brazil has always been one of the premier destinations on the travel calendar, it would be fair to say that it is only over recent times that the country has started grabbing mass attention. Various sporting authorities have decided that the climate and culture of Brazil combines perfectly to create the ideal destination for major sporting events, with the next World Cup and Olympics both set to be held there.

Of course, while Brazil has a fantastic reputation in some regards, in others it has courted controversy. There have been reports of the country being at the centre of violence, with gun crime and muggings being the main source of stories. Bearing this in mind, it’s absolutely crucial to take time when deciding where to stay in Brazil and the following information on the two large regions in relation to the tournament should provide assistance.

Central West

Considering the fact that the Central West holds the capital of Brazil, Brasilia, it will be no surprise to hear that hordes of tourists will be targeting this region. One of the largest venues of the World Cup is situated in Brasilia, with the Estádio Nacional de Brasilia undergoing massive improvements to become a hugely impressive arena. Suffice to say, anyone wishing to stay in Central West should be looking towards Brasilia, with the capital being one of the most affluent and modern regions of Brazil. Anyone interested in architecture will fall in love with it, while the countless festivals and museums are also worth complimenting the football with. There is plenty of accommodation available although in comparison to several years ago, when the cheap “pousadas” were around, the country has tightened hotel legislation and this means that you may have to pay slightly more during the busy times such as when the tournament is being played.

The other stadium in Central West is in Cuiaba, with the Arena Pantanal being one of the smallest stadiums of the competition. In contrast to the capital, Cuiaba is much smaller and only holds a population of 500,000. Bearing this in mind, tourist opportunities are slim and you are probably advised to stay in the capital if you are serious about seeing the sport in the Central West.


Considering the fact that four cities in the Northeast will be hosting games for the tournament, it seems logical to include this region. Recife is probably the most well-known area and after demonstrating its ability to host World Cup matches all the way back in 1950, the authorities have decided to return there. It can only be described as one of the most vibrant cities in the country and you will not have any issues in locating accommodation, no matter what your needs are. However, while Recife is regarded as one of the better cities of Brazil, try to stay away from Olinda at dark and the downtown of the region at all times.

Another lively city, and one that will house the Estádio Plácido Aderaldo Castelo, is Fortaleza. Many tourists tend to visit this region of Brazil these days, which highlights the type of reputation that it has forged. Beaches and festivals are highly regarded, while accommodation is at a plenty. However, in relation to the latter, at least try and book well in advance as Fortaleza is a region which tends to attract countless Brazilian nationals – something that is particularly likely to happen whilst their favourite sport is being held in the city.

With great architecture, great beaches and great historical sites lining the streets of Natal, it’s no surprise to see this as another popular destination for tourists. Admittedly, the football stadium might be the second smallest of the World Cup, but the city has countless attractions for visitors and this should guarantee a pleasant visit. Furthermore, while there have been stories of crime, Natal is still regarded as one of the safest regions of Brazil, meaning that it is much more appropriate to tourists.

The final region in the Northeast is Salvador, which is also well-known to the standard tourist. It is surrounded in history although as well as this, Salvador has a decent nightlife and plenty of accommodation. Admittedly, this is another area where you really must keep your eyes open, although if you are careful you should have a splendid time in Salvador, and also be close to the 48,747 capacity stadium, Arena Fonte Nova.

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