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Cheap Paris Tourism


Paris Tourism
Paris is one of the most tourist cities of the world and there is plenty to see and do but to accomplish everything you always need money and time. However, if you do not have much of what you ingeniártelas first to make more or less the same. What is it? If not delicious and not follow the herd of tourists.

For example, we all want to enjoy a view of Paris from a place higher, but while many choose to climb the Eiffel Tower and pay rise you can take the funicular to Montmartre and climb the stairs to the top of the basilica to enjoy a similar view. It is cheaper and why do not have much tail.

The Louvre and Notre Dame are also very popular and there are always people waiting to enter. So you have to plan a visit for less frequent schedule, seven days a week in the morning and evening there are fewer people and much less if you go up in low season. That is, in spring and summer there are more tourists in late winter or autumn.

Winter in Paris is it not very gray and sad? No, it is romantic. A day without sun can ruin a vacation in the Caribbean but not in Paris where there are malls, museums, galleries and restaurants. In addition, hotels and flights are cheaper.

The Paris Pass is a good choice if you’re staying more than two days because you can visit 60 museums and other attractions in addition to traveling on the subway. Another way to save money is to visit the fruit and vegetables. They sell food made and it be cheaper to sit in a restaurant. And if you want to leave bars or eating out try to find places where you see people young and single, students or workers, because surely there is a reasonable price. The Latin Quarter, Montmartre and Montparnasse, for example. And finally, you can always save money with free admission attractions.

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