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Environment and Tourist Attractions in Barcelona


City Guides and InformationBarcelona is known as a major global city of Spain for his role in various fields such as entertainment, the arts, sports and international trade factors. Barcelona has developed as one of the main ports of Europe and Spain. Barcelona, ​​has a total has a population of about 1,615,908 according to 2008 statistics.

As for the geographical location of Barcelona is located on the Mediterranean coast, and is located exactly between two rivers (Llobregat and Besos) and located on the north side of the peninsula.

The city of Barcelona is known for its museums, gardens and art and architecture. Barcelona International Airport is the second largest in Spain after Madrid airport.

If you look at the weather in Barcelona, ​​we will find us on the Mediterranean side that has the same climate idela expected. The city of Barcelona has wet winters and a little warm and dry, hot summers.

September and October are the months during which most rain in Barcelona. So basically the rainy season is around the end of summer, the autumn weather. The months of December, January and February are relatively cool.

If we ask to visit in Barcelona, ​​then the answer is simple, Barcelona is rich in parks, in total, has 68 parks that are well established and well for the hosts, of these 68, about 10 are historic parks endonde even There are museums in some of them.

Barcelona’s government has divided the 68 parks into categories, so these 68 are just some woods and some are totally related to the subject of botany. Of these parks, the largest being “Montjuic”.

Among all these parks, the city has a variety of rental apartments in Barcelona for the accommodation of tourists and visitors, and also is enriched in the field of city beaches only has seven beaches. Most of these seven beaches have been established and maintained in the year 1992 for the amusement of people who visited Barcelona in 1992 at the Summer Olympics.

Looking deeper inside Barcelona, ​​then one comes to know that Barcelona is considered the pioneer in the introduction of the industrial sector in Europe, which began as a textile industry in its infancy.

In the field of Education of Barcelona has a number of public universities. Among which is recognized the “University of Barcelona”, the university has its campus in different locations of Barcelona, ​​excellent quality education, this university is known for its research department.

The city of Barcelona has many museums and each focuses on different times and different events and events for many ages. In addition, some museums focus on the arts as “Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art” focuses entirely in Spanish art history.

In the sports areas can not be forgotten. The city of Barcelona hosted some of the matches of the World Cup ’82 and also ’92 Summer Olympics. There are many sports and clubs in different sports, but the best known and famous club is the “FC Barcelona” of the football league in Spain.

The home or official stage of this great team (considered the best in the world today) is called “Camp Nou” and is the temple of many fans who have seen their team has at this stage of his successful race team and several European Cups.

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