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The importance of water in your travels


drink waterI was struck by the point that emphasizes the importance of monitoring the water during your travels, and I remembered an anecdote during my world tour in a year that will serve as a clear example to not forget to travel with a keen eye.

I was already in Bolivia, specifically just arrived in Sucre, from Potosi, I will never forget. He had been a few months of travel behind me, having already passed through India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina. IBA of travel experience, or at least I thought so, probably unconsciously, I lowered my guard.

I remember that in India, such was the paranoia with water and was so alert, even bottled water used to rinse the mouth after brushing my teeth. In Nepal, also I have to say, I got to drink spring water during my trek along the Annapurna. That if I had been duly informed before asking the guide who accompanied me on whether or not to drink water that was previously not monitored and bottled. It is also true that when you are in Nepal, surrounded by pure nature, imagine no better than other water emanating from the majestic mountains of the Himalayas.

Anyway, back to Bolivia. Like I said I had just arrived in Sucre, and bought some fruit in the local market. Back to the hotel where I stayed and cleaned the bathroom as I was an apple to eat using tap water. Next thing I remember two days with a stomach ache almost dramatically in the bag through the mouth into my heart.

This is not to say that the water from the hotel, or de Sucre, or Bolivia, or the whole of South America is unfit to drink. My understanding is that our body is formed so that a change in the components of excessive water we ingest can convulse the body to the absolute limits.

When I was little and someone in the family sick for a longer period than normal, which is automatically heard in my house was “this boy needs is a change of waters,” and quickly organized a visit to aunt who lived Ripoll peacefully at the foot of the Pyrenees.

Or if you still remember visiting France or Germany, where some relatives lived, one of us was wrong, again I heard was the phrase “must be the change of water.”

I’m no expert in the field, but experience tells me that water has different components depending on where the planet we are. Moreover our body gets used from birth to the water in the place we inhabit, and we do not usually move a few years. All this by simply using my common sense tells me that it is reasonable reaction in our bodies by eating local water in a country that is far removed from the standards that we inhabit in our daily lives. This is my humble conclusion. If I’m wrong and you have the correct explanation, I deeply appreciate that you share with us all. I am one who thinks it’s right to know why things happen to us.

Anyway, just wanted to convey my experience to remember watching the water during your travels.

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