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Guide to Finland


Guide to Finland

Finland is a country not very popular in Europe but has so much wealth forest is an ideal destination to spend the summer holidays.


To reach Finland find a wide range of travel packages as this destination receives more than thirty international airline flights and a daily average of twenty connections to other countries.

How to mobilize

Air transport can also use them to mobilize within Finland as it has more than twenty local airports receiving flights and more than a dozen public and private heliports between.

Moreover, if we choose to know the country and its major cities without worrying about the time, we can travel by bus, train, taxi, or rent a car so we can explore the territory since Finland has more than eighty thousand kilometers of roads paved and connecting with its main cities.

Guide to Finland


This destination has register reaching extreme temperatures in winter in Northern parts at temperatures below – 40 ° C. We recommend visiting in summer in July when the average temperature is 25 ° C.


In Finland the official currency is the euro and citywide find ATMs in case we need to withdraw money. To make changes to find responsible homes in areas of railways and airports.


Although this target has European customs is important to know that we must take off shoes before entering things and you can only begin to eat and drink after the host performs the respective toast.


While in Finland find hotels of every budget, if we want to live an unforgettable adventure best be staying in a holiday cottage, camping areas and everything related to living ecotourism.

What to see

In Finland we can take panoramic photos of many natural areas as much of the tourist attractions of the country are made up of islands, lakes, forests and parks (has over 180,000 lakes) also can opt for experiential tourism.

Guide to Finland


In typical dishes can not miss the seafood, potatoes, fish and flour. It is also traditional to eat venison and traditional Finnish vodka drink.

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