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Guide to Basque Country


Guide to Basque Country

Basque Country (Euskadi) is a destination with attractions and not just the traditional, ie, find here not only beaches, monuments, museums, gastronomic routes and rural areas as major tourist attractions, but specific locations full of history, culture and interaction with Basque society that make it an ideal destination for our next vacation.

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Before traveling is great to know a little about the customs of the Basque Country, as their language is Euskera representative and recognized for its rural sports and festivals as “Big Week”.

Guide to Basque Country


To this location can be reached by air and by land. With the first we get to any of the three airports in the country being recommended Bilbao Airport which is the busiest airport has, and with the second we get making use of the railroad, the train and some bus lines that connect the Basque Country with some cities in Spain.


To walk the streets of major cities like Bilbao Basque, Markina, Muskiz, Bakio, Vitoria, among others, it is advisable to have a tourist map, a road map and a map of train routes or other means of transport.


Before traveling we know about the weather (especially if you travel between November and December are the months with the highest rainfall or summer the average temperature is 25 ° C although there have been records of 35 ° C, and this information is very useful to be selected to carry the luggage).

Rural Tourism

Finally, if we have an adventurous spirit, Basque Country has many offers for outdoor activities and we can experience up close the rural farmhouse. These natural areas will find spaces for hiking, trekking, water sports, and take the best pictures of the place.

Guide to Basque Country

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