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Guide to Mallorca


Guide to Mallorca

Recognized as one of the best coastlines in Spain, Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and, although it was formerly known as The Island of Calm currently Mallorca is popular for its beaches, coves, festivities, and having all necessary to ensure visitors a memorable fun time.


A Mallorca can be reached by plane via the airport receives flights Son Sant Joan, it being about eight kilometers from Palma. If we choose to arrive by boat can make it through Palma and Alcudia, where the main port of the island.


In Mallorca find for any tourist. From hotels from two to four star luxury hotels, and even those related to agritourism to experience life in the countryside of the island.

How to mobilize

Once on the island we can mobilize for: bus transportation recommended because they have 25 lines covering the entire island and is an economical means of transportation, train, with the route Palma de Mallorca-Soller and has seven daily departures , metro, covering the route from Plaza of Spain to the University taking the ticket cost € 0.90 po trip; taxi service covering the whole island so we can use it to organize excursions on the trip, and, Car, half also ideal as the island has excellent roads being the most important releases of the island with its three major highways.

Guide to Mallorca

What to see

Among the destinations to visit in Mallorca if we not only know the beaches and coves of the island but also its historic attractions are: the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, built in the middle of the fourteenth century and located in the Plaza de la Almoina; and Bellver Castle, situated on a hill one hundred and forty feet high and it is important because it is the only circular castle in the country.

Guide to Mallorca

Beaches and coves

The beaches are one of the main attractions of Mallorca also currently have many resorts that offer all the amenities. Among these are: Playa Des Trenc, Cala Estancia, Cala Major Beach and Palma.

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