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Budget tours in Laos


laosTravelling in Laos is pretty cheap when compared to European standards and even contrasting with the countries of Southeast Asia. I guess this is one reason why tourism has grown in recent years.

To move around the country almost everyone uses the bus. The fare is usually about 10,000 K per hour away. It’s funny but is not the first country to encounter in which prices vary depending on hours rather than distance. The same applies to the minivan. If you can choose to either advise you if the bus-tourist class, since minivans are more susceptible to constant wobble when going through the bumpy roads.

Eating is pretty cheap, but not as much as going to Thailand if the basics, and you can eat a staple for about 10,000 K in a restaurant-average and juices buenĂ­simos street-by 5,000 K. As in Asia, if you like to try local places or you have a stomach that resists well to pump food from street stalls, the prices are cheaper (though never the same as those offered to the premises).

As for partying, the closest thing we saw was in Vang Vieng, the rock of the tubing rather injured and looking for more alcohol and drugs to keep cool. The buckets of vodka, rum, whiskey or anything else that can be mixed with soda or Red Bull out for between 10,000 and 15,000 K each, and many of the bars did a 2 for 1 or offered free shots. Although we were not there, we heard that one of the islands of the South-the famous 4,000 islands, the festival is continuous and restaurants will sell food, “sad” and food “happy”. The happy includes ingredients banned almost everywhere, like opium, grass and others. So who wants to stand strong party, you know that things will come cheap.

For the more relaxed we can always enjoy a good conversation about good beers for less than one euro, being the most widespread Beer Lao by the country.

The liter bottle of water usually go for about 2,000 or 3000K.

Sleep in bedrooms sharing bathroom will pay no more than 30,000 or 40,000 K, although prices vary by city. Luang Prabang and Vientiane are the most expensive and you must book online to get accommodation in the most economical, especially in high season. To double the thing was walking around 150,000 in Vientiane and Luang Prabang, and 70,000 and 80,000 K in Vang Vieng and Luang Nam Tha. Given that most places have hot water, free WiFi and breakfast included, it seems a fairly reasonable price.

For those who smoke say they look at another blog, or you ask Quique;) – because I spend the subject and not even looked at the price of snuff. My small contribution to a world with less snuff!.

An expense to consider is the visa to enter the country. You can do it at the airport of arrival -. Vientiane and usually take you a photo and goes for 35 USD for Spanish citizens. With it you can stay in the country for up to 30 days without renewal.

To move around the different cities, being so small it is best to take a bicycle or a bike but if you decide to take a tuk tuk or taxi you will have to negotiate the price before boarding. The taxi from the airport to the center of Vientiane exits 6 per car.

In general with 15 euros per day you can live very well and you could spend a day with 20 counting transport and tickets to attractions. If you basic life of sleep, breakfast, lunch, dinner and some juice, you can even leave it at 10 Euros on average, but better be a luxury when all the food just start knowing you, right?.

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