The Most Luxurious Travel Ideas: Go Abroad in Style

1605_abroadIf you’re going to spend the money to travel, you want to do it right. Don’t take the same vacation over and over again — aim for style, luxury and class, all while seeing a part of the world you haven’t visited before. Traveling isn’t simply the task of getting somewhere. It’s an opportunity for a person to experience sights they’ve never imagined, the taste of food they have never even dreamed of, and the conversation of a lifetime with people from a different world. Traveling is an opportunity — a call to live life on the edge, gain a new perspective and learn a bit about yourself along the way.

Traveling, however, is also an adventure best done in style. Forget your tourist clothes, your camera strap and the caked on sunscreen looks, and think outside the box. Look for destinations across the globe that seem interesting to you, and that you are passionate about — don’t just visit another beach. And don’t forget about all the unique and creative options out there. In addition to ocean cruises, you can consider scheduling walking tours, rail excursions and river cruises as well.

The following are five premier destinations that you may consider, and the most luxurious travel options for those places. These vacations allow you the opportunity to pamper yourself, while seeing remote parts of the world at the same time. Pack your camera though— you are going to want to share your experience with everyone once you return home from one of these fantastic trips. on Twitter recommends that travelers wait until they return from their excursion before they post their pics, so wait until your home safe and then feel free to post away!

  • Go on an adventure with a European cruise. Consider a Baltic Sea cruise, which will take you to to the likes of Finland, Norway, Estonia and Russia. It’s a wonderful way to see northern Europe, and, as a bonus, you get all the amenities of a luxury liner. Europe is traditionally thought of as a land destination, but by thinking outside the box, you are able to see many places throughout the continent while still enjoying fine dining, great entertainment and drinks galore.
  • Another Europe cruise you might consider is a Mediterranean cruise. These cruises typically take passengers to tropical, beautiful ports including stops in countries like France, Greece, Italy and Turkey. If you are a warm weather fan and want to see some of the most beautiful coastal destinations on the planet — which have loads of history to boot — you have chosen the right trip. Combine the beach with high society, and you have the perfect recipe for a memorable vacation.
  • You’ve heard about the Amazon River and the wonderful sights throughout South America. Take a grand vacation cruise along the Amazon River, allowing yourself the opportunity to see beautiful countries like Brazil. These luxury liners are smaller, more intimate experiences allowing you to truly take in the wonder of the Amazon River, the rainforests and the continent of South America. In addition to enjoying te amenities of the cruise liner, you will also have the opportunity to interact with local people, taste the local flavor and experience the culture as well. This, truly, is the trip of a lifetime combining adventure with luxury all at once.
  • According to Conde Naste Traveler, you simply must take a vacation to the amazing continent of Asia. Locations that they recommend include Kyoto, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Ubud. Visiting Asia affords you the opportunity to explore a new part of the world with a completely different culture, with wonderful tastes and with absolutely breathtaking views. Asia is unique and eclectic, affording visitors the chance to see just how many people can live in one city and, at the same time, experiencing some of the most pristine beaches on the globe.
  • If you prefer to travel by land rather than on the sea, but still want to take an exotic vacation, consider a rail vacation throughout Scandinavia. Russia and the surrounding countries may seem like a remote destination not easily accessed. But by taking a train tour throughout the region, you can sit back, relax and take in the sights of this wondrous area. Stops typically include Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Moscow. This is a trip that many may not even think of, but it gives you a unique and convenient way to see a very remote part of the world.

For many, traveling goes beyond being just an experience and a week off of work. It is an opportunity to expand themselves as people, to learn more about the world around them and to better understand others. But taking a trip to these remote destinations doesn’t mean that you have to rough it in student hostels, with a bag on your back and a few dimes in your pocket. You can still experience luxury and class, all while seeing some of the most interesting places in the world.

When you go to book your next big vacation, try and think beyond the local beach. Don’t redo the same trip you have done 15 times in your life. Give yourself the gift of a lifetime, and take a trip unlike any you have ever done before. Make sure you take lots of pictures too and share them with your friends on Facebook or on Pinterest.