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Tips for traveling to Kenya


Required to travel to Kenya, as when we move to another foreign destination, follow a series of recommendations to minimize potential risks related to our security as well as those involving return to the same state of health with which we started. Hence, you toast a few tips that may very well not venirte feel so “lost” at what you will live, and so you can focus your full interest in what really matters in this fascinating African country, its landscapes, sunsets and contemplating the most beautiful animals in the wild land.

travel in Kenya

Before you travel: immunizations, clothing and money

The precautions are taken before leaving, even before you pack. We must pass a medical examination to check our health and can give us the “go ahead” to a trip like this. The physician will recommend, in all likelihood, a treatment for malaria, in addition to follow the recommendations in this area updates the Ministry of Health. It’s all logic follow strict minimum for any unforeseen that has to do with our health, to do nothing better than wearing prevention medicines for fever and pain, diarrhea, or antihistamines, especially if you have any known allergy, and in addition to products that we provide sun protection and insect bites.

Once in Kenya, if we had the need to go to an emergency we would always one of two hospitals: the Aga Khan and Nairobi Hospital.

At about anything complicated clothing, comfortable clothes and footwear that allows us to finish the day without injury, to help the feet breathe. Do not rule out some warm clothes (sweater, jersey, …) since we can find somewhat lower temperatures than expected. Essential to a cap and sunglasses for protection as well.

As currency exchange commissions should study well and look where change euros for local currency: Kenyan shilling. It is advisable to carry a minimum changed from Spain, and doing so in currency exchange offices rather than banks because these charge higher commission rates. Once there you can pay with any credit card over the world use (Visa, Master Card, …), which is desirable, but if you still need some cash you can find some local change agency or get cash from any ATMs that are located in banks across the country.

On the other hand, when paying (almost) anything, you agree that you will hone your bargaining skills, since this is custom and ritual before each acquisition. You can get substantial discounts on the asking price, so do not be shy.

travel guide to Kenya

Before you leave home: mobile and electronic devices that require charging for the room

It is another important detail to consider, since it is more than likely do not let your camera sideways, or video. To take no unpleasant surprises on arrival is better that you prepare an adapter with an identical input to which you would need if you traveled to the UK, ie three pin. And do not forget, before leaving Spain, speak with your carrier that you activate the international calling service, called “Roaming”. That way your phone will work automatically through the service of any of the local networks in the country. Another highly recommended option also goes for buying a prepaid phone card, which is very profitable.

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