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Why bring a mosquito net to Africa?


In Africa, obviously depending on the region we visit, we run the risk of malaria , dengue and other infectious diseases through mosquito bites . That’s why it is essential to take precautions to make our trip go smoothly. Here we tell you why it’s a good idea to bring a mosquito net with you on your trip to Africa.

mosquito net Recently we’ve talked about malaria and the risk posed by a trip to Africa. It’s not about to panic or lose the opportunity to discover this truly unique destination, but to take the necessary measures to avoid contracting the disease. So today we speak especially of nets, which are one (of several) option. If you are from Africa for sure you are wondering should I bring a mosquito net? What type of insect screen should I bring?

The nets come in different varieties and models, whether for an individual or doubles, to hang from a central tension, sliding, nylon or cotton, with or without structure, etc.. The decision to bring mosquito net will depend on what your trip, the sites you go to visit and how ye exposed to mosquitoes, as well as possible structures with which to hang the nets shall count.

First you think if you want a single or double mosquito net. Then depending on your preferences as a form. personally i like to travel with one individual mosquito strain point (bring a bar which is mounted in the mosquito and then hangs from there).

There are mosquito nets bigger, with four fucking voltage . These are usually for two people and require a bit more work when it comes to arm them as they do not always have space or structures where hanging.

Then have to choose form, depending on your taste more than anything else. Finally we have to choose the material that makes up the network. Some are of cotton and other nylon . The cotton is more pleasant to sleep, but require more work to wash and are heavier. Nylon, on the other hand, are less durable but are lighter when traveling.

It is very important that we forget to impregnate mosquito repellent for mosquitoes because otherwise you will not be fully protected.

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