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Hotels Price in Europe During Summer


During the summer the prices of hotels in major European cities tend to suffer a major change. It’s a change that in many cases is to raise the price of the rooms, but also during the summer hotels of certain European capitals tend to lower prices to attract more tourists during the summer. In times of crisis, many hotels in Europe have opted to reduce prices so that the tourist has affordable options for your summer vacation and be able to travel and stay at good prices. Find cheap prices is critical for tourists to travel around Europe for a few days during the summer.

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Cities with affordable hotels

Now we have to fix summer in some cities whose hotels have lower prices and are therefore more interesting for tourists. One of these cities of interest is Dublin in Ireland, whose hotels have dropped to 14% on room rates to attract new tourists. It is one of the cities whose hotels are priced more interesting for tourists in the summer months.

Note that the Polish city of Warsaw offered during the summer hotels at 67 euros on average, a good price that is normalized after Euro that has just taken place in this Polish town so popular right now. At these prices will certainly many tourists to this city when traveling in Europe during the summer months.

In Spain it is worth noting some cities whose hotels are priced very low and this means allows tourists to take them into account when traveling. Among the least expensive cities we find Murcia, and Lleida Lugo, who are some that can be highly interesting for low budget tourists who are willing to make a trip to Spain with your family or a good idea to travel in pairs during the summer months.

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Cities with more expensive hotels in Europe

Now some cities take advantage of summer to do more business more expensive prices of its hotels. A good example of high priced hotels especially in summer is the city of London, that because of the Olympics has an average of 261 euros per room per night, a price has soared over other previous summers and are expected that despite the very high tourists to respond positively.

Also worth highlighting Geneva hotels , an attractive city in Switzerland during the summer has an average of 242 euros per night, a price that certainly is reserved for customers who have a high budget ahead of the holiday. For this summer’s Venice hotels are exceeding 200 euros on average, very high price indeed for couples who want to enjoy a romantic vacation in this fascinating Italian city.

In Spain the cities of San Sebastian, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca are those prices higher hotels in Spain and therefore will be cities where tourists have to look far for a hotel at competitive prices and can be please the Spanish visitors and foreign visitors looking for budget accommodation, which in summer is very common. These are some of the Spanish cities with more expensive hotels this summer.

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