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South Africa, a Journey and an Affordable Destination


For those wondering what are the real costs of a trip to South Africa and what is the situation regarding expenditure for other countries, we will review to approximate costs and tips for a safe journey. First, it is good to know that South Africa is a destination less expensive than many African countries less developed.

However, paying off the ticket cost aside, the trip to South Africa we will further note that many destinations in Europe and even countries in North America as the United States or Canada. South Africa is a relatively accessible, where we can access good services and quality infrastructure regardless of excessive costs. If we lack reasons to travel to South Africa, we turn to the budget of a trip.

Making an estimate, in South Africa we could spend on a travel schedule if limited budget, about $ 25 a day (or rounded, about 20 euros). Of course we speak of the cheapest accommodation in either hotels or camping, as well as move in transit. In fact, there are very cheap options of public transport, urban lines in major cities and over long distances.

To avoid higher costs for high season, it is best to avoid scheduling our trip between September and November or April-May, the school holiday season when many children decreasing saturated accommodation offer.

A trip in South Africa, can also be more accessible building offers or systems to deduct taxes. Saving our receipts can deduct the VAT on many goods to leave the country. As for the insecurity in large cities, it’s just taking the minimum precautions and common sense move. To avoid costs associated with setbacks of God, avoid moving at night time in urban areas with low turnover and are more frequent robberies.

In short, a trip to South Africa has a lower cost than destinations in Europe or North America, with the advantage of varied housing options, good quality, accessible, and a system of economical transportation. To make matters worse, the National Parks where extensive look at all the African wildlife has excellent infrastructure and a cost considerably more narrow than some parks and reserves in neighboring countries.

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