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Tips for an Affordable Destination


Just a few entries ago, we analyzed the current situation in South Africa, as a more expensive destination within the countries of the continent, but not prohibitive. Something similar happens in Argentina, a country so large as to devote a lifetime to know, puddle jump through.

Tips for an Affordable Destination

Even in the midst of global crisis, who walk in Buenos Aires hardly noticeable to the naked eye the effects of decreased activity. Judging by the movement in shops, malls, restaurants and tourist areas although activity at a slower rate continues to show signs of vitality. But what we turn in this entry, is to reveal how accessible is Argentina as a destination for foreigners after so many changes.

Destination tips

To begin, we say that the economy Argentina has recovered from the collapse of the early century. Far seem to have been not so distant years in which prices were very accessible to foreigners. Argentina is now a more expensive destination than many parts of Latin America, but without thereby having to postpone a trip. A smart traveler will find in Argentina options for a reasonable budget and smoothly.

For starters, Buenos Aires , the gateway to the country, welcomes visitors with its relentless activity 24 hours, his nostalgic, its buildings and notable architecture in the old town, its cosmopolitan environment and its continuous cultural busy schedule, and all without spending anything at all (see for example, street performers in Buenos Aires). The proposals allow for Free in Buenos Aires go days without having to worry about money, beyond our basic needs.

From Buenos Aires, you can organize walks in the country. The options range from bus services (long distance bus), very good quality, to make air travel to major cities of Argentina, and its main tourist attractions (see the differences in travel around the world ). The most expensive time to travel is during peak season in the months from December to March, when the arrival of foreign accents.

In regions like the south and the Patagonia, the high season is divided into winter (southern), packed with tourists between June and September, while in summer, there are also local tourists in their main annual holiday, rising prices again. Something similar happens in other places in the country. Outside these dates, prices decline sharply. Another way to save on Argentina is demanding the original invoice type “B” in the shops where we buy Argentine products, together with the Global Refund Cheque. In this way, to leave the country, we can obtain a refund of VAT at the airport.

As for accommodation, we must clarify that in Argentina the options are often very different even in similar categories. Next to the remarkable development of tourism in recent years, not missing class hotels in the most visited destinations in the country with excellent quality guaranteed.

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