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Hotels For The Honeymooners

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HOTELS FOR THE HONEYMOONERS PHOTOAfter the rice has settled, the guests are either dancing or pouring themselves into their cars and the cake has been demolished, the best part of any wedding is due to commence – the honeymoon! Obviously, a good honeymoon experience can’t be planned the night before; usually it is organized months in advance along with the wedding itself. The honeymoon is the finishing touch on the entire wedding experience and is a romantic, fun bonding experience for the happy couple. It is a chance for the newlyweds to experience unhindered, uninterrupted time together before the hectic flow of married life begins.

If you’re planning the honeymoon, apart from the destination itself, your biggest concern is accommodation. If you plan to honeymoon outside your home country, you will be in the market for international cheap hotels – don’t worry, “cheap” in the hotel world doesn’t mean the same thing that it did fifty years ago. There are many things that have to be considered and you really ought to make a list of what you need to consider as it is so easy to forget the little things. Trust us, you don’t want to be scurrying for anything when you’re getting ready to depart and enjoy your honeymoon. A little planning can go a very long way!

Honeymoon tips for the happy couple-to-be!

  • Book long in advance! We cannot stress enough, the importance of pre-planning and booking the hotel room long in advance of the honeymoon date itself. Call the hotel or have your planner or assistant call the hotel up to a day in advance to confirm and re-confirm everything you’ve arranged. On the honeymoon night itself, you don’t want to do too much other than check in and enjoy the room. Sometimes hotels offer cheaper rates if you pay fully in advance, so this is something you can appreciate once you get it done.
  • Choose a hotel that suits the occasion! Even though, most times, honeymoon suites in hotels are kept away from the regular rooms, if your hotel is still a hot spot for vacationers and families, they may ruin the experience. You want an idyllic experience where you feel like you and your spouse are lost in each other and not drowning in a bustling theme park of visitors. Find out if you hotel room has a private balcony or private Jacuzzi options for your room. Little touches like this make the world of difference.
  • Packaged and waiting! Many hotels that cater to honeymooners often offer all inclusive honeymoon packages. They include suite, breakfasts, dinners and other delightful honeymoon extras like day trips, tickets to shows and sightseeing suggestions. When these things are planned in advance, you really enjoy them. Nothing adds to a superb honeymoon experience like a catered trip that doesn’t require any on-site thought. You just need to shower, dress, coif and turn up! Some hotels also offer other honeymoon extras like discounts on their spa treatments where couples can enjoy dual massage appointments and mani-pedi packages as well.


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