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Health in travel and flights


Dedicate this article to talk about travel health, giving a few tips to try to avoid most problems of health.

To achieve air travel safer and more comfortable on long journeys remember to carry in hand luggage medicines enough if you need them. remember asking your doctor if you need to change the doses or schedules will also be modified if the place of destination, sleep or meals.

In an aircraft that has a dry, so it is highly recommended drinking water or how Aquarius, and avoid alcohol or caffeine, not dehydrated.

We may feel discomfort pdebido the lag of time in the place of destination, known as Jet Lag problem, and we can avoid getting enough sleep before traveling, eating and excessive alcohol consumption, exercise, and trying to adapt as soon as possible new schedules.

If you have ear pain on the trip, we recommend taking decongestant, constantly swallowing and chewing gum.

Finally, all the time on long flights, we recommend a walk on the plane (unless contraindicated by the flight crew) and it never hurts to cheat a lot of water during the journey.

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