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Tips for saving on travel


We return once again to the charge in our section on travel tips , this time to bring you a collection of the best tips for saving on travel, very useful for any good traveler, since in many cases, the crisis or otherwise, can drastically reduce our budget.

First, when we are making plans for a trip, set a total budget of the trip and divide in an intelligent way (ie not going to spend the same one day we visit two museums and a zoo in another simply we are in our hotel or the beach).
Let us define our style of travel, and hold it throughout its duration.

We can choose a travel destination based on how cheap we can get that visit, depending, for example, the cost of living there or the value of our currency we leave more profitable on the currency of the country.

Make the management of visa before traveling, and save us having to pay at the border, in the case of making a trip abroad.

Once we are ready to go, we must remember to take the minimum possible luggage, transport of this can vary in price according to weight. Plus it is not at all practical to travel over-burdened. Always good to take some breathing space in the baggage of a flight if necessary to empty some of the bags for square and weighing less, and avoid additional charges.

Remember to check both your travel agency with offices of tourism in the area about possible deals you can take in place, how special discounts on tickets to amusement parks or zoos.
It is also extremely useful to use public transport such as buses or subways, taxis over or rental cars.

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