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Traveling and being female


If you are female and like to travel safely many times have you found that women feel far you are from. From backpacks and travel long distances on trains or buses, without dust, comfortable clothes (and dirty) and sweat, well, as you can imagine! No? So I was interested I found an article with tips for women to be traveling, lest people confuse us! Anyway, if I do not share all of these recommendations depends on how pretty you want to see you or the situation where you are.

Nail polish

Why can not you carry a glaze? After all is light, does not occupy space and can help you feel a little more feminine while you travel (other than a few minutes there is always free to pursue get monkeys). I recommend it especially for the summer, I like to walk in flip flops with painted nails while still in my cargo pants and my jacket single traveler.
A bit of perfume

Honestly this advice to me seems a bit silly, but perhaps some of you work for travelers. It is true that getting a bit of perfume makes you feel feminine at once, but only take a few seconds until we face again the rhythm traveler. A small bottle of perfume is not heavy, but personally I prefer to save that space for some other little thing.
A touch here and there

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and occupy little space in your bag and make us feel a little more feminine at the time of the journey that we are tired of our (super) limited wardrobe. It is an ideal way to give a different touch to our style.


For me traveling is freedom, so I refuse to wear makeup during the trip, however, sometimes, perhaps, if you fancy a bit of lipstick and a touch of shadows can make them look a little more sophisticated (which is “elegant” dramatic change when you are traveling).

Take care of body and mind

In some countries it is easier to take care of our bodies while traveling. For example if you are traveling in Southeast Asia is very easy (and cheap!) Take a day to enjoy a massage, a swimming pool or spa pedicure. It is an experience that will help you regain your femininity (and relax, that’s for sure!)
Tips several

Wearing a skirt can help you feel more feminine and is an excellent choice when your dependents are in the washing machine (because it sometimes takes to be the washing machine …).
Become a kit with wet wipes, for example, so cool you can do it anytime without having to take a shower.
Change hairstyle. This is an easy way to feel a little more feminine, and that always end travel experience with her hair tied up and nothing else.
One of the tips that I liked this article, maybe not because it is what I would do, but because I found fun is to go home and try on clothes that we like, to, at least for a while, women feel.

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