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Skiing indoors in Barcelona

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It is winter and this season has come with little snow, but that’s not a problem if you live in Barcelona, ​​and in a few years we will be able to ski indoors. Fascinating!

Dubai was the pioneer in creating a completely covered ski park. Of course, the United Arab Emirates have no snow, even cold. But that’s not a handicap if you like skiing. The huge dome in the city produces 30 tons of snow every day.

And soon we will see the same wonder in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The estimated date for the opening of this complex will have 39 square miles, is 2015.

The dome was built in the south of the city and promises to be energy efficient and will be funded by a Dutch company. The complex will feature tracks for skiing and snowboarding.

The site will have constant temperatures of -10 degrees will be supplied with natural gas plant in Barcelona. The project is also “carbon neutral” and is intended as a step in the ecological future of such projects.

Other indoor ski centers are located at:

New Zealand,
United Kingdom,
South Korea,

The name of the project in Barcelona will be “SnowWorld.”

Personally I think it’s a bit ridiculous to make such a project in Barcelona from which to access the Pyrenees or the Alps it is not as complicated or far, nothing is in Dubai, where not only is hot all year, but this kind of eccentricities are daily bread.

One Comment

  1. Acknowledged as the single very best ski resort in the South, the Wintergreen Resort in Virginia won the 2005 #1 Most beneficial Ski Resort in the Mid-Atlantic region. Presenting skiing, snowboarding, tubing, with alongside with a multitude of other wintertime actions along Virginia’s eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Wintergreen functions eleven,000 acres with 19 trails, a major elevation of three,516 feet, and a one,003 foot vertical drop.

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