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Walking the Prague Imperial


Walking the Prague ImperialThis week we have been traveling several colleagues and I explained some of his stories that have been added over the years. They are more experienced than me and have a job that gives rise to such situations very tempting to be explained, are actors. One of them took place at a city that both agreed to define it as a must visit, the trip to Prague .

I was told that the river Vltava mainly divides the attractions of the city into two parts. But of course both are essential, as well as to tour it must spend at least four days and if possible to avoid the winter. They know me and know what really happened bad in the cold and there makes a lot.

To begin with the visit because they do not do it with the far side of the historic center. We are referring to the area of Prague Castle and Hradcany. In this area better prepared the camera takes pictures because you have so much to photograph that is sure filled the memory card. To begin the Castle should be borne in mind that it is the largest Gothic castle in the world and the best reflection of the glorious past of the kingdom of Bohemia.

Not only is this impressive building dating from the ninth century can be admired, because inside you can visit the cathedral of Prague, dedicated since 1989 to San Vito and keeps the Gothic style, the Royal Palace, where housed the Prince of Bohemia, the Convent of St. George, in this case Romanesque and Gothic contrasts with the rest, the Powder Tower, a Gothic tower 65 meters high, and the Callejon del Oro, where they lived goldsmiths gathered during the seventeenth century. Today is the kind of place full of souvenir shops.

From this elevated area you can see some of the best views of the city. But the good thing about Prague is that this is just one of the areas that you admire. Area remains the epicenter is Plaza de Mala Strana and retains its traditional look, or the old city, where you can see the heart of Prague, or the new city, the less desirable and that time having trouble disposing of your visit, and last, the Jewish quarter, with historic synagogues Staronova like, the oldest in Europe, reflecting the deep imprint of the Jewish community in the city.

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