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Put a winter trip to Tenerife


Put a winter trip to TenerifeWhat I have decided. I’m looking for flights to Tenerife take it anymore because the low temperatures. That the thermometer does not exceed five degrees in the morning and evening to be below zero ronde beyond me. So I thought that the best option is to travel to the islands fortunate to give me a bath deserved pleasant temperatures and change of weather.

It may not be even a moment to bathe on the beaches and get dark, but that you can leave the coat is a luxury that I do not want to miss. It is true that many people only think of this island as a resort where you can sit in their caves and sunbathing. In fact, there are more possibilities that do not need to wear the swimsuit. Especially interesting is the possibility of discovering some of the sites lies the island of Tenerife with walking routes.

If this is your first time visiting the island, it is best to do a tour of the five areas that are more tourists and will offer an overview of the best known of Tenerife. We are talking about the low island, where you can make a more active type of tourism between the towns of Buenavista del Norte, Garage, Tank and The Silos, and if you want to let yourself be seduced by the most tourist attractions have in the Valle de la Orotava and Puerto de la Cruz’s best option, in Santiago de Teide, as its name suggests is pure nature, in Bajamar, one will have the opportunity to enjoy the excellence of a typical seaside village with its traditions and its peculiar way of life, and finally, Santa Cruz or La Laguna , where the cities leisure and culture come together in a fun way.

As for the routes walkers commented, there are several companies that are dedicated to give you a detailed trails and do alternative activities such as biking, horses and even parachutes. I stay varied between one option that allows us to enjoy the spectacle of the almond blooming of a zone of Santiago del Teide in which there are hundreds of examples of this type. There is a feast of colors and we can anticipate what can be seen in the famous Valley of Jerte Extremadura, where the purple and white filled with several kilometers of slopes.

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