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The Dom Tower Historic


In our blogtrip by the Netherlands had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Utrecht youth.

The Dom Tower HistoricAfter meeting Rotterdam, a city with tall buildings and existing skyscrapers, we Utrecht a warm city with low buildings and beautiful cobblestone streets and beautiful canals crossing the city.

For me it was an amazing discovery Utrecht, the falling leaves of the trees on the canals, filling all bikes, old buildings, its flower markets …

Among all the essential visits that you have to do when visiting Utrecht, one of which is the climb to the old Dom tower that puts the finishing touch to this city.

The Dom Tower was built between 1321 and 1382 that was part of an ancient cathedral. In 1647 the cathedral was hit by a tornado and was separated from the tower, today the tower is the tallest and oldest in the Netherlands .

While strolling through Utrecht you can enjoy the deep and heavenly sound of their bells to accompany each of your steps are like a spontaneous music concert.

If you enjoy the most amazing views of Utrecht and get ready to climb the 465 steps which it is composed. At first it might seem like sheer madness, but it makes also will be accompanied by the guide and the group that will make the climb more enjoyable experience.

Furthermore, there is a direct ascent as are stopping at the various rooms of the tower and the bell tower you will see inside, with approximately 8000 kilos bells that move would take approximately between 22 to 25 people.

Is public access to the tower, they can raise children as young as 4 years and adults, open Monday to Sunday with a variable price between € 4.50 to € 8.50 (see holidays).

If you bring backpacks or other items do not worry because there are safety deposit boxes free and totally safe where you can leave your items while enjoying the climb.

Get ready to discover breathtaking views and unforgettable, Utrecht is a unique city that you should not miss, also with Easy Jet can travel very cheaply and safely to Amsterdam , to us it was great!

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