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Road trip in Western Australia


Road trip in Western AustraliaAustralia is a country of great natural contrasts.

Deserts, mountains, jungle, continental forests, beautiful beaches washed by different oceans, cliffs, diverse fauna and, more important than anything else does not spoil, sparsely populated by humans.

The best way to appreciate this mosaic of indescribable beauty is touring the country in your own vehicle.

So did about 1,700 km between Sydney and Melbourne , passing through the Blue Mountains and crossing the beautiful Great Ocean Road .

Less than a week after that we were starting the engine of our Toyota High Top in Perth under a rain that did not bode well.

Our goal was to travel nearly 900 miles that separated us from Monkey Mia and return to the capital of Western Australia in a week. Some 2,000 kilometers of road if we and other diversions.

We left Perth on the Brand Highway – the number 1 – and begin to pass through small villages including farms dotted the landscape. But this is not the East, and we realized after passing The Pinnacles .

In the East Coast people succeed, farms begins where the previous one and there are restaurants, hotels and gas stations not enough to worry about where you eat, sleep or refuel. On the West Coast have to worry about the issue. Without a doubt.

If you are traveling in a van with a kitchen and bed-as we did I advise you to buy all the food, water and even a can of gasoline, or an empty container at least, as you can in Perth or in any other population of sufficient size to something further north as Geraldton.

The issue of gasoline is really worrying. Set in the consumption of your car and do some simple calculations with paper and pen for the amount of miles you can go with a deposit. I noticed the first time we consume an entire tank and, as we maintained speed and others-helped me a lot to guide me to choose the right course and refueling points.

On the road you will see signs on the next report as gasoline, the next store or the next hotel. Do not overlook any of them!. There are few stories, urban legend or not backpacker thrown out of gas right in the Outback or the mobile signal, at 40 degrees in the shade and with little food or water.

For that reason, once you are well prepared to drive and enjoy. Do it a day. First because there are beautiful places on the coast at night you can not perceive and second because at night the masters of the road are the animals.

Our first stop was The Pinnacles , near Cervantes. After an afternoon spent in Geraldton, town or city with more inhabitants between Perth and Exmouth, Monkey Mia to stop and return.

In the villages where we stopped just anything to write except aa common peace and quiet them.

However, the coast and the road itself was a spectacle.

When you get to the area of Shark Bay coastline is stunning and wild, the sea changes from green to dark blue, from turquoise to green transparent and just stopping at each observation point. Since some of them can try to go down to the deserted beaches mysterious shown at the foot of the cliffs.

One of the places that you can not miss is the Shell Beach, a beach-giving within a lake a few miles from the coast whose peculiarity is that instead of sand on the shore they found a layer of tiny shells of clams and shells that can reach up to 10 meters deep.

We spent a few hours walking around and thrown into the sun I came to get me to water but was freezing and the salt concentration is quite high.

After driving and driving … and driving. During the days are very few cars but after sunset and you practically alone. That’s the witching. The sun colors the sky and turn off the engine fire at the side to hear the sounds of nature and pure freedom.

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