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The festival of La Tomatina in Buñol, Valencia


la tomatina in spainLa Tomatina festival held every year in the village of Buñol (Valencia), is one of the top tourist attractions in the city. Learn everything you need to know to attend the Tomatina festival of its history and travels with us.

The last Wednesday of August is celebrated in Buñol, Valencia, the festival of La Tomatina. This is a festival that grew out of a very unique and very peculiar. The festival of La Tomatina in Buñol, Valencia

For an hour the thousands of attendees receive an incessant shower of ripe tomatoes. This unique celebration was declared 2002 “International Tourist Interest.”

The Valencian village of Buñol is overwhelmed by the number of tourists who come to the party around the world.

Event size is necessary to have a certain number of rules that does not become a real war between all participants, as known to be in its origins and they’ll tell you later.

If you go to the battle of the Tomatina:
• respect the rules
• crushed tomato in your hand before releasing it, otherwise you can hurt someone
• can not take any bottle
• wearing only the basics and also note that then must be disposed
• do not break, or throw shirts
• Must be attentive to the passage of trucks
• do not go to any gate, window, pillar, or anywhere where you can be the target of thousands of tomatoes
• to start and finish launching a housing

It is very advisable to wear a face mask to cover the eyes of the tomato. If you do take pictures underwater with a machine or splash cover.

If you are a fighter insatiable we recommend try to stick soaped up and stay with ham hanging over the top.

To cover your tomato these cleansing your body of impurities endless thanks to the acid pulp that cleans and disinfects. Another major cleanups performed by the tomato is on the streets of Buñol, which are cobbled and are whitened.

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