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Holiday in Prague

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Holiday in PraguePrague is a beautiful city with lots of great places that will make your vacation more enjoyable. Prague is the largest city and capital of the Czech Republic. During its years of existence has been considered a cultural, economic and political development of Europe. You can visit a huge castle in Prague. Prague Castle is a place where all the princes and kings of Bohemia have lived for the past 11 centuries.

You can also go to the Charles Bridge, Old Town, New Town, and the Jewish Quarter. All these places are well known for their cultural perspective. There are many interesting museums, including the famous Prague Bertramka, the Wax Museum and the Czech Museum of Fine Arts. All these museums have huge collection of all things ancient Czech culture.

The architecture in Prague is beautiful and distinctive, this can be seen in all buildings, hotels and even on Prague apartments . All the great ancient structures are protected by a national architecture program and thus ensure that demolished buildings rich in history and architecture.

Prague has a thriving nightlife and agitated, there are many music clubs and restaurants in Prague, where you have time to spend a great night. If you want to experience the culture of Prague then you can buy tickets for a classical music concert, a play Black, a disco or a club.

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  1. Every year I look forward to my Prague city breaks (summer/winter). I would really recommend those thinking about travelling to Prague it is a beautiful city with so much to see and do.

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