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Mediterranean Cruises Summer 2011


Mediterranean Cruises Summer 2011The cruise with your partner are really romantic and allow us to perform thousands of activities within our reach. More and more economic and offer stays of 15 days, 8 days or 1 week for very affordable prices.

Mediterranean cruises offer the possibility of seeing magical cities soon. For example, those who go through this area make us baƱemos in the sea, great beaches and also see the charms of the cities.

Some of them depart from Barcelona to continue to stop on the French coast, incredibly beautiful and glamorous places. The jet set and social characters choose it in the summer for its luxury and comfort.

Then we go through Sardinia, an Italian island where the glamor is also present, espcially in the south, in beautiful Costa Smeralda. We swim in its beaches and discover scenery.

Thanks to the boat rest on it and we can easily relax in the pool or rest areas there are designated for such use. Some Mediterranean cruises allow us to see Rome, an unavoidable stop allows you to see the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and the wonders of their seats. Dining at an Italian restaurant downtown is not bad idea.

The Greek islands are the protagonists of these cruises. Mikonos Satorini or leave us a fantastic landscape with blue waters Intesa. Add donkey and discover Greek culture, not only its beaches but a long history in monuments, remnants of Greek buildings and food exceptional.

Naples is another Italian city that leaves can be seen in the middle of the Mediterranean. Pizza, friendly nature of its citizens and monuments draw another Italy quite different from the north. Moreover, some cruises go to Turkey, a culture that blends the Mediterranean with the Arabs.

Enjoy the summer thanks to these activities and a cruise where close but wonder land full of quirks.

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