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Sophisticated New York Neighborhoods


new yorkStepping on the New York City is like going to a place where you do not know what you discover. Every restaurant, every place, every street has a different atmosphere and makes you daydream. It is an exciting city to go a couple, full of romanticism.

Today I recommend some of the most glamorous neighborhoods and some posh New Yok. Viva la sophistication! Broadway in the Big Apple is always a guarantee of success for its colors and lights. It is inhabited by the theaters and is always full of tourists who stroll along its streets and come to see some major work of renown.

The plays and musicals in New York usually featuring famous actors. This gives them much prestige, and between movies and films, Broadway spend half my life in doing what they really like playing with a live audience.

Therefore, in this area full of restaurants and bars of high society. For before or after the show, viewers will be impressive local dinner.

Park Avenue is another area with more style. Focus is usually a posh part of town that boasts dream cars and mansions. In this neighborhood roll some series and movies featuring teen loaded with money. Expensive hotels, restaurants and shops with prices impossible fashion which looks a lot but do not enter.

Brooklyn is one of the largest neighborhoods, as it is on the outskirts of the city. This great extension endow it with a more bohemian popular and one with big houses much more expensive. This union makes a fashionable Brooklyn. Wealthier households are large and have their private garden. They are really suburbs with houses next to each other.

A little luxury? we’re going to Tribeca, where celebrities have their homes and VIP areas are abundant. It is some years another trendy, and therefore the most exclusive in the city.

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