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Kind of Trips


tourismFamily tourism: many families are looking for on your vacation, stay quiet residential areas with infrastructure that allows a recreational environment for children. Many tourist agencies and commercial brands have created also specific products for family tourism, such as trips to Disney World or Disney cruise where everything is ready for families to live a dream world.

Sun and sand: this type of travel is one of the most typical, especially in summer. The beach is an excellent option for families, couples and groups of friends because in a place you can combine the sea and sun with nightlife, whether restaurants, bars and discos.

Adventure tourism, adventure tourism and extreme sports in its various forms, tend to increase the amount of fans in the world. These are activities that people become the protagonists of the landscape. Activities that may be performed include: trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, horseback riding, rafting, rappelling, zip, etc.. All these activities require physical exertion which may be moderate or high, depending on the choice of route and the physical condition of the person.

Cultural tourism: travel to a foreign language learning is one aspect that takes cultural tourism. Being able to travel, meet distant countries while learning a language is emerging as an increasingly valid option for young and not so young.

National tourism: tourism is being done within the borders of the country. Currently this type of tourism is evolving towards a model of cultural tourism which strengthens cultural tours, historic sites, in regions where the sun or the weather is looking to entice tourists.

Exotic Tourism or remote destinations, trips are designed for those tourists that go beyond the holiday of rest and relaxation. They seek new experiences and discover the mysteries of nature and other cultures. Usually these trips are made by young people who dare to walk with the backpack to an unknown destination, but is becoming more common for older people hire packages to visit these destinations, of course with more amenities.

Health tourism: more and more resorts that offer packages of 3 or 4 days with activities including Spa, but there are many hot springs destinations in Argentina. The profile of tourists visiting these sites looking to surround himself with an environment that enhances their welfare, with whirlpools, medical and technical staff to help them feel better. Relax, revitalize the body, reducing a disease, are fundamental in this type of trip. The leisure spa can also be combined with other activities such as golf outings and excursions or small.

Senior Tourism: the tourist retiree has a profile very special, usually prefer organized tours where everything is planned, with little room for surprise. This is a type of trip that tourists like to visit monuments, enjoy cultural attractions, fine cuisine, gastronomy and popular restaurants. Health tourism is also a good choice for this segment of people.

Cruises: A cruise allows you to visit several destinations without having to change hotels or rent a car. These luxurious floating hotels that offer a quality service while the tourist travels the most exclusive destinations.

Religious tourism: there is a growing trend in this type of travel. Devotees from different voyages introspective beliefs that are targeted, for example, Lourdes, Jerusalem and the Egyptian temples. Usually this type of tourist hires short packets of no more than a week.

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