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Helpful Tips for a trip


holidaysWhen planning a vacation or a trip of any kind, it is essential to consider certain details. Here, we present a series of helpful tips that we should not forget when you travel.

· When choosing the destination, we advise on what are the characteristics of each destination, appropriate vaccines, the most common drugs, etc..

• If we are using prescription drugs, it is essential to bring in their original packaging, along with their prescriptions to avoid disruption of customs.

• Passport effect. It is also recommended, bring photocopies of the documentation and take it with personal items.

• Know that we will be required visa at the chosen destination for this information in the various embassies or specialist sites.

• It is recommended to use the hotel safe or the place where we stayed. The original documentation is advisable to leave it in a safe place and use the photocopied documents.

• Do not bring valuables that we lose sight of. It is convenient carrying moving all over, the fewer things better.

• Contracts health insurance, social security covers health care in Europe to get there to go to the offices of the SS and request it, usually make it instantly.

• To know the currency and its equivalence to change ours.

• There should bear in mind the laws of the country we choose to go on holiday to respect them. The legislation varies widely in different countries and this can save many problems.

· Carry a list of precautions medical writing by those physicians who are allergic to, if you are taking any medication, general advice that can prevent last minute problems.

• Make a checkup before you travel.

• If we use glasses, try to carry another pair or the prescription if the astray.

• Carry sunscreen always, if sun exposure is prolonged or if the weather surprises.

• Carry insect repellent.

• Rest adequately hours needed. The change in geography and too little sleep can cause illness.

• If we travel by car is essential to have the papers up and fulfill all the rules of the road. Use seat belts, always wear tank with enough fuel and if you travel with children, always in the back seat if they are small with special seguirdad chair.

• Do not exceed the stated maximum speed and avoid any violations.

• Do not drink alcohol if we are driving.

• Drink bottled water, avoid as much as possible tap water and supplies. It is important that we are hydrated to perform the proposed activities.

• If we consume fruits should be thoroughly washed. We infections from poor hygiene.

• In the case of consuming seafood and fish dishes, we must be sure they are cool because they can cause stomach problems.

• If food is important we ensure the conservation of these in a cool dry place to avoid what is commonly called “traveler’s diarrhea.”

• Avoid dairy products or creams.

• To have in mind that the only safe swimming are those with chlorinated water.

• Avoid walking barefoot in places such as pools, beaches, showers … will depend on the destination and hygiene that are on this.

• If visiting areas with insects or snakes, we must be shod.

• Carry a first aid kit.

• Do not we ever take packages from strangers.

• To know the general culture, traditions and customs of the site visit. This will allow us to build relationships and be friendly.

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