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Deluxe hotels in Barcelona


Deluxe hotels in BarcelonaA special gift to your partner during the summer 2011 is one or more nights in a Deluxe hotel.

Barcelona boasts a modern hotel offering diverse architecture to be admired inside and outside, and if we enjoy it over, it’s a great experience. Among establishments there are a number of unusual decoration.

Overlooking the sea. From any point of a tall tower in the city is the sea that is the star of the summer days to go to the beach, but also throughout the year to enjoy the view. One of the newest land on the City’s W Hotel, a fantastic sail-shaped hotel and ship directly overlooking the sea.

The rooms are a luxury, it seems we are in a great boat watching only the ocean beds. His areas are unique from the spacious lounge, terrace touching the Barceloneta beach, the bar at the top Eclipse, spa … you name it and you will be granted.

Nearby, the Hotel Arts is now fully consolidated since it opened for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics when the city was left open to the sea and spectacular buildings. This luxury hotel is chosen by many personal and international artists to stay when they come to town. Their reasons are diverse: the sea, the terrace, a dining off the charts ..

At the top are the largest suites, plus personalized apartments each with terrace and a special area. The cuisine is a plus, offering the Enoteca, with Chef Paco Perez, owner of Michelin stars, and the terrace Arola, directed by Sergi Arola, another wizard of the kitchen.

In the Forum area, the Zero Diagonal is a modern hotel with an important architectural work. Also look at the sea with a multi-storey building where relaxation, kitchen design and are given hand to offer life experiences.

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