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Tourism in Tokyo, Japan

TokyoThe city of Tokyo, Japan is the world’s most populous, and it is the most important financial center. Rebuilt twice, has become elements of the urban modern reference for the efficiency with which they rebuilt, and the great warm in its architecture.

Tokyo is Japan’s capital and most populous city in the world, with approximately 38 million. It is also the most powerful financial center. It is located on Honshu Island in the Kanto region.

In 1923 a major earthquake struck the city, which was rebuilt, although the costs prevented the completion of the plan. During the Second World War, was bombed to rubble left, losing half its population. the master plan that was drawn on this occasion was completed with such efficiency that it become the standard cosmopolitan, as well as in global economic and technological center.

The city of Tokyo, Japan can be divided into two halves, the west side, which is the Ginza shopping area with luxury shopping districts and offices and the eastern half, with more modest residential neighborhoods.

Characteristics of Tourism in Tokyo, Japan:

This city is full of contrasts, traditions, and his calm, oppose the fury of consumerism. The skyscrapers blend with the narrow streets of small shops, full of restaurants that stay open until dawn. There are still vestiges of the past, the typical wooden houses, the inns and the old women dressed in kimono sweeping the entrance of their houses with straw brooms.

In this city are the headquarters of major corporations, prestigious colleges and universities, as well as the financial area, theaters, museums, shops and leisure sites.

This great city has the highest concentration of skyscrapers in spite of its size, due to the risk of earthquakes, so most buildings are less than 10 floors. It also has the second largest rail system, according to Paris.

Tokyo, Japan, has 26 satellite cities, five towns and eight villages, each with its own government.
Transport in Tokyo, Japan:

Tokyo, Japan, is the largest national and international connections for travel, because of its efficiency.

• Metro and rail network: intra-urban transport is covered by the railway and metro stations, being the largest network in the world. It is the most common way to travel in the city.

• Local buses: used for short-range travel and access to rail and metro. It has a public and private transport.

• Air: The city has two international airports, Narita (in Chiba Prefecture), which is mainly used for international flights and connecting to the city by the Narita Express train. And the Tokyo International Airport, mainly used for domestic flights.